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What is the lead time for a HPS Domestique bike?
We aim to ship within 3 months from order confirmation. 

How are bikes shipped?
Bikes are fully assembled and checked prior to despatch. They are then partially dismantled for despatch in twin walled industry standard cardboard bike box. We use international logistic couriers for our deliveries which are tracked and fully insured. You will be issued with tracking details and we will communicate exact shipping dates once available.

Does the bike come with a battery?
Yes, the price includes the 193 Wh battery and charger. The charger is fitted with 2 pole round pin, Euro plug. You can order additional batteries or the smaller 85 Wh flight legal battery.

How does the Warranty work?
For the HPS Watt Assist Pro drive system, HPS operates a return to manufacturer warranty. Our in house technicians and mechanics will oversee any problems and get you back cycling as soon as possible. We also have a series of videos and we can arrange a call to overcome any minor issues. Our motor warranty is for 24 months and we will send you full terms and conditions at order confirmation. Rigorous testing has been conducted in laboratories and with professional test riders and the system is extremely robust. The HPS Watt Assist pro drive system, electronics or battery, must not, however, be repaired or tampered with by unauthorised personnel and this could invalidate your warranty.
For other components like groups, handle bars, saddle etc, we pass on the manufacturers warranty. 

What is the Maximum Speed for the HPS Watt Assist Pro System and can I change it?
The system will be set to the laws for the country of order. In Europe, this means that assistance from the system will stop at 25Kph. A feature of the system is that our derating is gradual and not sudden as this speed is reached. Any tampering with this speed limit, for instance by fitting aftermarket devices, will invalidate the warranty.

Where are HPS based?
HPS Sarl is Used in Monaco. Company number FR29000150291 Vat 4618Z 21908

How can I ask questions or get more information?

Where are bikes made?
The Watt Assist Pro drive system and battery are all made in Europe. Primarily in Switzerland and Germany. The Frame is hand-built in Ireland and most of the components are Italian. Final checks and assemble is done at our headquarters in Monaco.

Can I change the wheels and tyres?
Yes. It is however very important that a 60mm valve length is used and you use the valve magnet supplied. That’s very important and the only constraint. A 65mm value will not work. Only 60mm.
System doesn't start
Check the battery is charged and in place. It should beep after 2 seconds. The assist will engage when you pedal and press the right handlebar button. Then operate as per user instructions.
How can I order for a country not listed in checkout?
email us at and we will review your location and discuss whether we are able to ship to your country. 
For shipping to a country not in EU, payment of VAT is made at the customs border. email us at to discuss your order and we can raise a bespoke payment link once we know the destination.
How much does the bike/motor weigh?
The complete bike weighs 8.9kg (before options). The bike is 7.5kg without the battery and motor.

How much extra power does the motor provide?
The max power output from the motor is 200w/20Nm.
What is the recommended maximum rider weight?
The bike is designed to carry a rider up to 110kg
How do I get the most of out of the bike?
We advise the rider to use the bike at a cadence of between 80-90rpm, for maximum efficiency of the motor.
What is the max speed?
The maximum watt assist speed is 25kph (legal requirement).
What general service is required?
General maintenance of the bike is comparable with a standard bicycle, We’d recommend grease application at 5000km’s or once a year 
How should I store the battery?
For best results the battery should be stored at room temperature.
What is the range of the battery?
The battery life depends on which level it is being used at. If used conservatively it can provide up to three hours of pedal assistance, with a standard 193Wh battery which weighs 1.2kg. The smaller 85Wh (flight safe) weighs 720g and can provide up to 1.5 hours of pedal assistance. The 193Wh can sustain full power pedal assistance for up to one hour. The terrain, weather, weight of rider can all impact on battery life too.
Can I wash the bike? Is the battery waterproof?
Yes you can wash the bike and use the bike in the rain. It is advised to avoid using a high pressure system as is advised for non motorised bicycles, to protect bearings and sealants. We advise washing the bike with the battery connected and the system turned off.
How many watt assist levels are there?
There are six stages of watt assist pedalling in Peloton mode, which is best for group riding. Attack mode takes you to full power in three stages, each with a bigger jump in power but the same max power as Peloton mode. The different stages are displayed on the Garmin head unit or any other Ant device ( eg, wahoo). Details of how to use are in our Manual.
How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
It takes approximately 120 minutes for the 193Wh battery and 60 minutes for the 85Wh battery

Can I speak to someone with experience riding the system?
There is an opportunity to ask further questions and advise form our test rider, ex team Sky rider Philip Deignan. Email and we will set up a call.
Can I fly with my HPS Domestique?
Yes the HPS 85Wh battery has the huge advantage of being the only e bike battery that is legally allowed to fly on commercial airlines.

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