Watt Assist Pro | The World's Lightest E-Bike Motor System
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Change the pace

Working alongside one of the world’s leading F1 engineers we have developed a system that harnesses power from an ultra light-weight battery and channels it through a precision-engineered, light-weight motor.

From the pit lane to the Col de la Madone

HPS harness a deep understanding of the tradition and passion of cycling, combined with F1 precision engineering.

The world’s lightest e-bike motor system, unique by design.

We use Swiss-engineered components, designed to be used in the most extreme conditions. WATT ASSIST Pro™ has been developed to the highest standards and rigorously tested in state-of-the-art laboratories. The result is an elegant and compact bottom bracket shell that seamlessly integrates into the frame, housing our light-weight motor system – without compromise.

Key Features

ground-breaking weight

Almost no weight restriction. Balance, weight distribution and handling are not effected by WATT ASSIST Pro™.

Wheel options

Unlike some e-bike motors, WATT ASSIST Pro™ has been designed without compromise, so you can swap out wheels with our HPS Domestique® bike and change them as often as you want.

The road bike, amplified

No other e-bike comes close to the ride qualities of HPS Domestique®. It delivers the ride characteristics and low weight of a high-end road bike, with the perfect amount of power when you need it.


There are infinite options to fine tune your HPS Domestique® bike using our control app. HPS-SYNC works seamlessly with leading brands like Garmin.

An integrated power meter keeps track of your power, giving you the ultimate training tool – use WATT ASSIT Pro™ for zonal training, adding power when your heart rate raises.